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We Specialize in Small Cap Stocks using Forensic Accounting & Fundamental Analysis to Drive Results for Our Clients.

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Institutional Investors

We have nearly two decades of experience managing equities for institutional investors. We have experience managing equities for public pension funds, philanthropic foundations, and corporate pension plans.

Foundations and Endowments

Foundations and Endowments are important to Palisades. Palisades understands the importance of growing assets to meet the needs of plan beneficiaries and to support the causes that rely on the foundation or endowment. Because of Palisades' nimble size, portfolios can be tailored to support selected causes that are important to the foundation or endowment.

 Family Offices

Palisades has experience with meeting the needs of family offices. Palisades' nimble investment team can tailor your portfolio to meet the important investment goals and objectives of the family. Family offices always have direct access to the portfolio manager. With family offices, our nimble size is an advantage.

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Palisades Small Cap Core has a Four Star Morningstar Quantitative Rating as of 3/31/2023

<span>Jeff F.</span>

Jeff F.

"Palisades exceeded my expectations."

<span>Lee S.</span>

Lee S.

"Palisades has been doing great work for my family"

<span>Institutional Investor</span>

Institutional Investor

"We like not having to choose between value or growth. Palisades invests in both."

Sean O.

Sean O.

"I was the first Investor and I am extremely happy"

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